Rebate Agreement

THIS REBATE AGREEMENT (the "Agreement") is entered by and between Deckorators, Inc., a Michigan Corporation and the Dealer ("Dealer").

  1. Rebate. The term of this rebate agreement is from January 1 to December 31. The rebate will be calculated annually upon the close of Deckorators’ fiscal period (the "Rebate Period"). Invoices must be uploaded by December 31 to be included in the Rebate Period. The Rebate Period will restart every year on January 1.

  2. Setoff Right. To the extent that Dealer owes any Deckorators distributor, Deckorators Inc., or any of its parent, sister companies, affiliates or subsidiaries (collectively “Deckorators Distributor”) any past due amount when the Rebate becomes due and payable, then Deckorators, in its sole discretion, will have a right to setoff the Rebate owed against any such amounts owed to any Deckorators Distributor.

  3. No Other Changes. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, all terms, conditions, covenants, rights, and obligations in any contract, purchase order, invoice, or other arrangement between Deckorators and Dealer will remain in full force and effect without any change due to this Agreement.
(a) Deckorators will issue Dealer a rebate on the net amount of purchases from Deckorators during the Rebate Period (the "Rebate"). The Rebate will be calculated in accordance with the following formula (freight charges shall deducted and not considered for Rebate calculation): Net Sales Dollars Rebate % $0 - $299,999 1% $300,000 - $599,999 2% $600,000 - $999,999 3% $1,000,000 + 4%

(b) Dealer must be a stocking Dealer and meet the following minimum purchasing requirements: (i) purchase of six (6) full pallets of Deckorators Railing; and (ii) purchase of six (6) full units of Deckorators Decking (excluding Tradewinds Decking).

(c) Dealer must submit/upload invoices evidencing proof of purchase from any Deckorators Distributor

(d) Deckorators will issue a rebate check within a commercially reasonable time period after the expiration of the Rebate Period.

(e) Dealer will not take advantage of the Rebate by back loading purchase orders, ordering amounts in substantial excess of its forecast, inflating its forecasts, or otherwise taking any other similar action.

(f) The Rebate will become due and payable only if: (i) Dealer has met the minimum stocking requirements as stated herein, (ii) Dealer has uploaded the required invoices by December 31, and (iii) Dealer’s account with UFP (hereafter defined) is current, in good standing, ad with no amounts past due as of the end of the Rebate Period.

(g) The Rebate contemplated by this Agreement is a one-time agreement between UFP and Dealer, and UFP will have no obligation to consider or grant any type of rebate to Dealer in the future. (f) The Rebate excludes any Deckorators products purchased through a Home Center as identified on